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    Need a high-caliber web or mobile development team? You need nerds!

  • Paris Underbelly Tour Guide App

    Read our nerdy case study on how we helped travelers explore Paris like a local.

  • Strip Search TSA Wait Times

    Learn how we nerded out on TSA wait times and added a social twist.

  • Wireless Peak App Dashboard

    Our idea bulb lit up when some smart electrical device nerds asked us to build a web dashboard.


    Dreaming up your Big Idea is just the beginning. How do you identify the right design or technological solutions for your ideas? What should the UI look like? Should I use a back-end database? That’s where Idea Nerd comes in. We’re nerdy about brainstorming with our clients and creating a plan for success. Learn More →


    Design and technology’s our thing. We nerd out on designing apps for easy navigation, designing for maximum click conversions, developing an app that can handle thousands of concurrent users, and/or designing apps that are feature rich. We’re fanatical about keeping up-to-date with industry trends and tools so we can apply the latest advancements that make sense for your business needs. Learn More →


    Once built, an app is only as great as the size of the audience that uses it. That’s why we work with you to assist in the all-important sharing phase after development, from getting your app on every appropriate app store to generating buzz for your app, your company, and your idea. Our branding and marketing team knows how to design the right marketing mix to build buzz for your product. Learn More →

Big Brains for Big Ideas in Web and Mobile Software Development.

Big Ideas come from big brains. And Big Ideas also need Big Brains. So when it comes to web and mobile software development, you need a brainy, innovative team that knows every nook and cranny of today’s cutting-edge programming languages, APIs, and frameworks. You need a motley crew of fanatic technophiles dedicated to staying current in web and mobile app development best practices, and able to break it down to you in plain English.

Your idea needs more than an ordinary software team. To implement a Big Idea as unique as yours, you’ll need to collaborate with a seriously dedicated technological team. Conclusion: Your idea needs Nerds.

We’re Idea Nerd, a Los Angeles-based software development company that specializes in the creation of unique web and mobile products. Our approach to software development is focused on helping you refine your great ideas and transform them into an original software product that’s nerd to the Nth power – great for your business goals and bottom line – even better at helping your customers.

In short – we nerd out to make you stand out!

How do we do it?

We co-create with you to design, develop, and launch the best possible product.
Read on to learn about our 3-step Signature Nerd Process: Think It, Build It, Share It. Learn More →