Project Case Studies

Paris Underbelly Tours

The next time you get your passport stamped, leave your outdated travel tome at home. Our nerds worked closely with a seasoned traveler and tour guide who wanted to give visitors to the City of Lights a way to experience the city like a local – without having to carry hefty books, pamphlets, or maps. Learn more about how we helped Think It. Build It. Share It. →

Strip Search TSA Security

Nerds and non-nerds alike love travel, but nobody likes navigating airport security. Enter Strip Search, a unique Android app that provides relevant, real-time data on security line wait times for major metropolitan airports, plus a social feature for users to share their experiences.  Learn more about how we helped Think It. Build It. Share It. →

Wireless Peak Smart Device Dashboard

It’s not just green nerds that like to track their electricity usage. Today many individuals want to be green, cut waste and be a little more efficient. And they will need easy to use tools for this. We helped Wireless Peak develop a dashboard that would allow customers monitor and control the electricity usage of their smart outlets and switches. Learn more about how we helped Think It, Build It, Share It. →