About Us

We’re Idea Nerd, an LA-based web and mobile software development studio. Think of us as your very own software development team consisting of geeks and nerds who are obsessed with technology and how we can put it to use for you and your business. We believe no idea is too big or too small to implement and no company is too big or too small to collaborate with. All ideas are worth trying. When you’re ready to put your big ideas into action, we’re ready for you.

One Size Fits All Is For The Jocks

Your idea is unique. Your software solution should be just as unique. At Idea Nerd we don’t believe in cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions. We know that your Big Idea deserves time, attention, and customization.

When you work with us we’ll work together to discover what makes you, your company, and your idea unique. We then create customized web or mobile solutions that best bring your Big Idea to market.

Our Signature 3-Step Process


    You’ve got the Big Idea. Now what? It’s time to collaborate. Our nerds will brainstorm to come up with targeted, effective solutions that meet your business needs. We’ll make sure the solution we design gives your customer the value that your idea envisions and creates the online impact you want in your industry.


    Next, it’s time for us to get to work. Using the best and most recent software development tools and practices, we progress through your project one step at a time, keeping you in the driver’s seat throughout the Build It process. That means you’ll have full control over the scope, timeline, and budget of your project.


    In the Share It phase we help you get the maximum exposure your project needs to be a success. This includes placement on apps stores, creating marketing buzz, and more.

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